Psychic Reiki Healing

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Psychic Reiki Healing ® 2031 Westcreek LN., houston, tx 77027
Psychic Reiki Healing
For All Your Spiritual Needs.

Rejuvenate Your Aura. 

Balance Your Chakras.

Release & Remove Unwanted Negative Energy.

Receive Guidance & Insight In Love, Career, Finances, Family, & Spiritual Well Being.

Reiki Healing/Teaching, Meditation, Distant Healing & Phone Readings Available

By Appointment Only! 
Phone: 832-982-2521
2031 Westcreek LN. Houston TX 77027
​Suite 301
Hours: Mon-Sat 12 P.M 9 P.M
Sunday Closed

If you’re ready to gain a deeper understanding into yourself and the world around you.

Whether you’re looking to heal physically & emotionally, improve your relationships, or just live life in a brighter way, I can support your journey.

My hearts desire is to support you in recognizing the magic all around you.

 I can help you with:

  * Extra sensory abilities
  * Being in communication with your guides
  * Healing issues that have been passed down for generations, and
  * Increasing your personal clarity and vibration.
  * Guiding you into the next 12-18 Months with a Spiritual Psychic Reading 
  * Relationship Healing 
  * Reunite Lovers
  * Aura Cleansing 
  * Chakra Balancing
  * Removing Unwanted Negative Energy
  * Removing Anger, Anxiety, Depression Out Of Your Energy System
  * Distant Healing
  * Reiki Healing/Teaching

All Readings & Healing Services Are Done In Person Or Over The Phone.